Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The lack of posting last weekend was due to my weekend trip to Indiana/Chicago! One of my best friends is a DJ (DJ MIA) that books gigs around the country, and around the world for that matter. It just so happened that she was able to bring a friend along on this mini-trip (literally was there for 24 hours)! I didn't care how long we were there though, I was just excited to visit a place I'd never been before! We really didn't get to see much of Indiana...we got in around 4pm, then had an hour drive from the airport to the hotel, had to eat, do sound check, get ready and then head to Ms. DJ Mia's gig. We left early in the AM to be able to see Chicago for a few hours before our flight back to LA at 4pm (see, literally 24 hours)! We went to the Navy Pier, got some pizza at Harry Carry's, took some pics and topped it off with a vanilla filled churro! It was a lovely day, and what a beautiful city Chicago is! It felt like a cross between LA and NY, I definitely want to visit again and spend more than 3 hours there! Below are the few pics I snapped from our mini trip...

Since we are on the subject...something I haven't really mentioned or gotten into on my blog yet is that I LOVE TO TRAVEL. And I certainly don't do it enough! (mainly due to lack of funds unfortunately). I believe that travel is good for your soul. Seeing and experiencing new places and cultures opens your eyes and your mind while bringing new ideas and creativity about, which is incredibly important in my line of work. I have been to 8 states in the US (not including where I live, Cali): 
1. Arizona, 2. Hawaii, 3. New York, 4. Nevada, 5. Washington DC, 6. North Carolina, 7. Indiana,
8. Illinois
It boggles my mind how I've only seen 8 out of the 50 states in my country, and on top of that have only been out of the country twice, to Mexico. I have yet to travel to Europe (my dream!) or to any Asian countries, which is a shame as my heritage is Italian and Japanese. Oh how I would love to visit those places! I lived a bit of a sheltered life back in Orange County, and now that I am on my own all I want is to just adventure, explore and see the world!
On that note...do you have any traveling tips or suggestions? Must see places, how to travel cheap, and so on? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

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