Thursday, May 14, 2015

park days

All about this park my boo and I discovered last summer and hadn't revisited until last weekend. It has an amazing view of downtown LA (which I somehow did not document), and is very quiet and rarely crowded, which is hard to find in this city!

I was never a kid that liked to play at the park or roll around in the grass (grass, germs, dirt, bugs...they all give me the icks) but this past month I decided I am going to try new things, break old habits and be more adventurous. This all includes letting down my guard and getting out of my head, which has been a persistent struggle throughout my life. So in a way this was a step in the right direction. Having a cute little park day and being one with nature (but not really cuz' I had this adorable blanket to protect me from said nature) steps tho!

+ urban outfitters dress | free people sunnies | cloud hunter blanket

Monday, May 11, 2015


Loving country music is a bit new to me. It was brought on by starting to listen to Taylor Swift a few years back and she became my gateway drug into the country scene. So two weekends ago I ventured to Stagecoach and it was unlike any other festival I have ever been to! So much music, so much BEER and so much fun! :)

1st outfit:
Vintage top & skirt from Squaresville Vintage | Urban Outfitters hat | Sam Edelman booties | H&M pocket sqaure (worn as neckerchief) | Nordstrom sunnies

2nd outfit:
Free People dress | American Eagle hat | Nordstrom sunnies | Vintage belt from Painted Bird