Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Recently I've been feeling like my creativity and passion has been stifled. A few years ago when I was just starting out and ready to take anything head on I was so inspired by everything and anything around me. Going through the long process of "making it" can be exhausting and draining and take away from you everything you once loved about what you were doing and striving for. 

I came across the Ira Glass quote at the top of this post and it lit a fire inside me and has motivated me get creative again, trust my talent and get back to loving the art of fashion as much as I used to. Grace Coddington has been my fashion icon since college, her work has always influenced and moved me, hence the editorial photos in this post.

I know, super cheesy, but I'm sure those creative types out there understand! Cheers to dream chasin' and never giving up!