Monday, March 24, 2014


Have you ever lived somewhere your whole life and never truly appreciated the beauty around you? Well, just recently (like a week ago) I suddenly became a crazy fan of palm trees, despite living in CA my entire life. It mainly stemmed from my early morning car rides to work, blasting the soulful mixes my BF makes me and really taking in my surroundings. Kind of felt like I had re-discovered a love for my city! This discovery prompted me to get a palm tree tattoo...after thinking about it for a day, such a Gemini! Can't wait to share! 

Anyways since this really has nothing to do with these pictures (besides those gorgeous palms in the background), how much do we love this dress? Got it at the Reformation sample sale a couple weeks ago and I never want to take it off! Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect for Spring! 

+ The Reformation dress | Jeffrey Campbell booties | Something Else sunnies