Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY'ing!...Studding the Long Draped ZARA Dress

When I saw the Long Draped Dress from Zara, I instantly fell in love with it. But of course when I brought it home, I thought...this would look so much cooler with studs! So I went on an adventure downtown where I get all my studs, got all my supplies- and started DIY'ing! 

Supplies you need:
-The Studs (obviously)
which in LA, I go downtown to can get them at trim stores, or even online (I would suggest getting the screw on ones though- this was my first time using this kind and it was a lot more difficult to have to hammer them in)
-Block of wood (to make hole for the stud tip)
-Fabric poker (not sure what they are actually called haha), or a sharp object

1. I usually wing it when I stud things, but you can measure the distances between each stud if you'd like, and mark them. 
2. Poke a hole with fabric poker, stick the back end of the stud through, and connect it with the front of the stud. 
3. Place the pointy part of the stud in the hole in the wood, and hammer the back  down til' it is secure! 
4. Repeat, and add as many studs as you'd like!