Friday, August 17, 2012


Finally! Someone is making sports tees that are actually fashionable! ...and that someone happens to be one of my best girlfriends! As I am a huge Laker fan, I am super stoked that there will actually be stylish sports tees to wear besides the uncomfortable and unflattering basic shirts that are sold um, everywhere. 

So here's the low down on her's a t-shirt line that has a range of silhouettes from crop tops, draped cut out tanks, to incredibly flattering v-necks all in the softest and most comfortable fabrics. And I can vouch for this because I helped style the lookbook- so I've felt the goods! In her first lookbook pics above, all of the shirts have some sort of version of 4th & 1 on it, which is in place of where the university or sports team logo will be. It's basically to show the silhouettes that will be available to choose from. 

Kind of a no brainer if you're a sports fan or enjoy showing the love for your university and you want to actually look cute while doing it, ya know? Of course you could say I'm bias because this is my friend's line, but let me tell you- this girl is talented. and smart. and so very creative. Although I don't even really need to say that, the lookbook pictures kind of speak for themselves, right?

Her website launched today y'all- check it out here and stay tuned as there will be so much more exciting-ness to come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


There's just something about a Jeffrey Cambell bootie that really does something to me. So moving...JK. But seriously, so in love- wouldn't it be just lovely to own them ALL?! The Lovich boot is at the top of my list- what's your fave?