Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This dress is definitely on the girly side which I typically shy away from, but the color and the embellished collar really sucked me in! Who isn't down for a little peach lovin' for summer?

Shot this against the grungy and dirty wall in my backyard, which I have to say I am going to miss! Weird, I  know, let me explain...my gf's and I are moving out of our beloved Silverlake home after 5 years, so many memories, good times and awesome parties (note the cigs on the ground left over from one of those awesome parties, ha). And this wall has lent itself as a great background for many photoshoots, and chalk drawing sessions when we'd get tipsy and find the chalk our friends daughter had left at our house. ;)
It's the end of an era! 

+ Topshop dress & shoes | Urban Outfitters jacket | Something Else sunnies (similar here)