Friday, February 1, 2013


Today I realized how lucky I am because of the fact that I am surrounded by lady friends that are smart, independent and creative (literally all of my roomies are fashion-bizz-chicks). Being inspired by them and lately intrigued by suit-dressing I wanted to throw on a suit and see how it would make me feel... and let me tell you- I felt like quite a powerful woman! AND speaking of powerful woman, the shirt I'm wearing is my friend's design from a line she has launched, 4th & 1 which I wrote about previously. She is aiming to establish a luxury segment in the sports apparel market, which is something we all know is lacking out there! Her kickstarter campaign is going live today at NOON to help raise funds to make her dreams a reality. Inspiring right?
 If you're a supporter of dream chasin', powerful women, small business', fashionable sports apparel or just want to laugh at my really awkward stomach cameo then check out the video here, and what you do from there is up to you!

+ ASOS suit | 4th & 1 shirt | Kaitlyn sunnies | Luna Boutique rings | Zara heels