Saturday, May 19, 2012


Now these are my kind of rain boots!! I know it's summer here so there is no use for these now, however I'm pretty sure it's been raining in NY, and it's winter in other countries, right? So for this could be helpful for those peeps! But I'm thinking maybe I'll just purchase them now and break 'em out when the rainy season returns! Decisions decisions...

Friday, May 18, 2012


Live your life, have a blast, be spontaneous, take risks, go after your dreams....oh and have some crazy/stupid fun this weekend! ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another fun and dirty shoot at the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park. We stumbled across a jogger who insisted that I take pictures with his dogs (he literally made me). I was totally fine with it though, cuz they are adorable!! 

On another cool is this dress? I got it from Urban Outfitters- it is Nom de Plume by YaYa. The name YaYa sounded so familiar so I did a little research and found out that the designer is Yael Aflaflo- whom I did my very first fashion internship with! I thought that was a pretty cool discovery. :) 
She is a super talented designer, and now has stores in LA and NY called The Reformation, where her and her team re-work vintage pieces and sell them as limited edition collections in their stores- and let me tell you, this girl re-works vintage like no other! Her stuff is insanely beautiful, I want ALL of it! 
Now I'm inspired to break out my old YaYa Aflalo dresses that I bought while I was interning there (which was 4 years ago!!) ... definitely going to do a shoot with them soon! <3

Nom de Plum by YaYa Grand Maxi Dress, Urban Outfitters hat, Jeffrey Campbell LitasSpitfire Anglo Sunglasses, Michael Kors stud bracelet, Forever 21 studded bracelet and spike rings

DIY'ing!...Studding Jcrew Yellow Blouse

I'm starting to realize that nothing in my closet is safe from being studded. I've had this yellow blouse for a while- and it became my next victim! 

How to:
1. Get your supplies together; all you'll need are the studs and pliers
2. Sometimes I lay out the studs in the design I want, so I'm not studding blindly (not pictured)
3. Poke stud all the way through the fabric
4. Use pliers to push down each prong of the stud, make sure it's securely pushed down so it doesn't slip out
5. Repeat until you've completed your design!

...Also...I studded the denim jacket below a couple months ago...

... buuut I wasn't totally satisfied with the end result (maybe because I ran out of studs, ha). I think it's just going to be a work in progress. I'll just keep adding random studs/spikes until it's super crazy and hopefully it turns out something like my inspiration below...

...quite a task- but I'm up for the challenge!!
Would love any suggestions that you guys might have too :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


So about this jacket- I'm obsessed. A denim jacket with leather sleeves- could it be any more perfect? I think not!! ..(especially when it's only $79). I added the tiny little spikes on the collar- because you know me- I just had to! Paired it with some more leather and my studded chucks (sorry no DIY), and crawled around the caves and cages at this creepy/awesome abandoned zoo in Griffith Park. These are the first shots of a series of photos we took there- more to come! 

byCORPUS Denim JacketBrandy Melville tank top, Vintage leather skirt, (Self-studded) High Top Converse, Alex and Ani Zodiac Charm Bangle, Forever 21 spike ring,  

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This editorial for the June issue of Asos Magazine, shot by Jason Nocito, is super fun, youthful, and relaxed. Loving the simplicity of the shots, and the fact that they used roller skates on the cover!