Thursday, August 9, 2012


(images via 10th Tribe)

"I wish I had more clothes." "I wish I had more clothes that I actually like." "Maybe we should just design our own." "DUDE- maybe we should!" 
Ever had a conversation like that with your girlfriends? I know I have. And I'm sure that was a conversation had amongst the 10 friends who decided to launch their line, 10th Tribe. 

10th Tribe was born in this little town called Manhattan (ever heard of it?) by the ladies mentioned above, and launched just this year with their Spring-Summer 2012 Collection. New York craftsmanship mixed with a focus on modern simplicity, tied together with edgy designs, soft fabrics, and stellar fit. Perfect for the cool girls, the new "It" girls, the movers and shakers of fashion who like to express themselves through what they wear, and be comfortable while doing it. 

So BRAVO to these gals for having the courage to take their concept past a conversation and turn it into the undeniably cool brand that it is! Inspiring, right?

Join the tribe and visit their website here, and stay tuned for the awesome-ness their Fall collection will bring!