Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIYING!...Studding my vintage Fendi purse

Supplies needed:
-Poker thing (get used to me calling it that)
-Screw driver

Poke the hole in which you will place the screw...

...push the screw through the hole...

...screw on the spike (can use the screw-driver to screw from back to make it tighter)... repeat, repeat, repeat...

... DUNZO! 

I really did it this time...I studded up somethin' reaaaal nice: my mom's Fendi purse from when she was a youngin' (which is why it could technically be considered vintage, sorry mom). I love the way it turned out though; gave the purse some flair and the 'tude that it was missing! ME-OW! Going to take this bad boy out on the town with me this weekend!


  1. Looks awesome! Love it!


  2. Nice! The poker is called an "awl" btw. :)